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Mitochondrial DNA Genomes Organization and Phylogenetic Relationships Analysis of Eight Anemonefishes (Pomacentridae: Amphiprioninae)

Fig 4

Molecular phylogenetic tree of eight anemonefishes (Amphiprioninae) and Abudefduf vaigiensis (Pomacentrinae) from the same family Pomacentridae in suborder Labrodei.

Chaetodon auripes (Percoidei: Chaetodontidae) was selected as an outgroup species. Congruent tree topology was inferred from partitioned Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood analyses using the concatenated nucleotide sequences of 13 protein-coding genes. The Bayesian posterior probability values (top) and boots trap values (bottom) were labeled at branch nodes. Branch length information from the Bayesian tree was shown. GenBank accession number of each species was listed on the right of the species name.

Fig 4