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Microanatomy and Development of the Dwarf Male of Symbion pandora (Phylum Cycliophora): New Insights from Ultrastructural Investigation Based on Serial Section Electron Microscopy

Fig 5

Anatomy of the mature male inside the attached Prometheus larva of Symbion pandora.

SEM-SBF micrographs, longitudinal section. A bipolar sensory neuron (sn) projects cell processes (arrowheads) into the neuropil (np) as well as into the sensilla (se) located ventrally. Note the several muscles spanning ventrally (vm), dorsally (dm) and posteriorly (pm). Abbreviations: cg cerebral glands, fc frontal ciliated field, icP internal layer of larval cuticle, mg medial gland, muP larval muscle fiber, pk perikarya, vc ventral ciliated field, ym young male.

Fig 5