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ABL Tyrosine Kinase Inhibition Variable Effects on the Invasive Properties of Different Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Fig 5

The HB-EGF autocrine loop is not regulated by the ABL kinase in BT-549 cells.

BT-549 cells (A, B) and MDA-MB 231 (C, D) were serum-starved (0.5% serum) overnight, then plated on Oregon Green 488 gelatin and incubated with DMSO, 100nM nilotinib, 200ng/ml EGF or EGF+nilotinb for 3h. After fixation, actin cytoskeleton morphology and gelatin degradation by cells were analyzed as in Fig. 1A. Scale bars: 20μm. Results are the mean ± SEM, *p<0.05 compared to DMSO-treated cells. (E) Tyrosine phosphorylation profile and phosphorylated MAPK levels in Triton X-100 lysates from BT-549 and MDA-MB 231 cells incubated with DMSO, 100nM nilotinib or 200ng/ml EGF were assayed as described in Fig. 4. Tubulin was used as loading control. Molecular weights (kDa) are indicated on the left.

Fig 5