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Allele Workbench: Transcriptome Pipeline and Interactive Graphics for Allele-Specific Expression

Figure 2

viewAW transcript table.

The columns are shown in the lower panel; when an adjoining box is checked, the corresponding column is shown in the table. Selecting “Hide” closes the column listing. The SpNYfKid and SpNYfLiv columns are the SNP coverage p-values. The RpNYfKid and RpNYfLiv are the read counts p-values. The #SNPCov is the number of SNPs with ≥20 reads for any library, #SNPAI is number of SNP that are AI (p-value <0.05) for any library, and #Mis is the number of missense SNPs. #SNPCov and #SNPAI take into account all four libraries, where only two are shown but the others can be viewed by selecting their respective column box next to “Tissue”.

Figure 2