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Down-Regulation of KCC2 Expression and Phosphorylation in Motoneurons, and Increases the Number of in Primary Afferent Projections to Motoneurons in Mice with Post-Stroke Spasticity

Figure 6

The number of vGluT1-positive boutons on motoneurons after stroke.

A: Dual labeling of vGluT1 (green) and ChAT (magenta) at 3, 7, and 42 d after stroke. Arrowheads show vGuT1-positive boutons contacting motoneuron somata and the arrows show non-counted boutons because the boutons did not contact the somata. Scale bar = 20 “Insert>Symbols” µ m. B-D: Quantification of the number of vGluT1-positive boutons on plasma membranes of spinal motoneurons in sham and stroke mice at 3, 7, and 42 d after stroke. Error bars on graphs represent S.E.M. One-way ANOVA with post hoc Tukey-Kramer test, **p<0.01.

Figure 6