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Down-Regulation of KCC2 Expression and Phosphorylation in Motoneurons, and Increases the Number of in Primary Afferent Projections to Motoneurons in Mice with Post-Stroke Spasticity

Figure 4

Down-regulation of KCC2 levels using immunohistochemical analysis in motoneuron plasma membrane after stroke.

A: Immunofluorescence photomicrographs captured with confocal microscopy showing individual motoneurons labeled with ChAT in magenta, KCC2 in green, and DAPI in blue. Merged image was reconstructed to three dimensional (3D) Z stack images. Arrowheads show the discontinuous labeling of KCC2 in the plasma membrane. Scale bar = 20 “Insert>Symbols” µ m. B-D: Semi-quantification of the density of KCC2 labeling in plasma membranes of spinal motoneurons. Labeled KCC2 is shown as a percentage of the pixel surface per somatic perimeter in the sham-affected side at 3, 7, and 42 d post-stroke, respectively.

Figure 4