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Characterization of Discrete Subpopulations of Progenitor Cells in Traumatic Human Extremity Wounds

Figure 2

Flow cytometry analysis of cells isolated from traumatized muscle by 2-hour adherence to TCPS.

Cells were isolated and cultured after 2-hr adherence to TCPS (Figure 1B). The cells were then processed for flow cytometry using fluorescent-conjugated antibodies against the cell surface markers indicated in the figure. The gated regions, indicated by a red geometric figure within the plot, containositive cells. Also shown is a bar graph reflecting the number of positive cells for each marker (mean ± SEM, n = 8). Significant difference is noted (*) between the CD14, CD36, CD45 as compared to CD105, CD90, CD73 (Mann Whitney U Test, p≤0.01).

Figure 2