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A New Species of Muscicapa Flycatcher from Sulawesi, Indonesia

Figure 5

Sonagrams of the new species and related Asian taxa.

Localities, recordists, and catalog number (if any): new species, Baku Bakulu, Sulawesi, P.C.R./J.B.C.H., AV17423–17428; successive strophes from the same individual; M. ferruginea, Nantou, Taiwan, S. Severinghaus, ML 13910; M. randi, Hamut, Luzon, B. Demeulemeester, AV 14197, 14368; M. d. cf. siamensis, Cambodia, D. Farrow, XC 49755; M. muttui, Kandy, Sri Lanka, D. Warakagoda, AV 6672; M. griseisticta, Russia, B. Veprintsev, ML 100139; M. s. sibirica, H. Ueda; M. segregata, Sumba, J. Eaton.

Figure 5