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Are Subject-Specific Musculoskeletal Models Robust to the Uncertainties in Parameter Identification?

Figure 6

Variability in the major muscle forces due to the perturbation of model variables.

Bands represent mean values ±1 standard deviation (in BW) during the stance phase of gait. Muscles shown are: medial (Med Gas) and lateral (Lat Gas) gastrocnemius, soleus, tibialis anterior (Tib Ant), gluteus medius anterior (GMedA), middle (GMedM) and posterior (GMedP), gluteus maximus anterior (GMaxA), tensor fascia latae (TFL), psoas, iliacus, semimembranosus (Semimem), rectus femoris (Rec Fem), vastus medialis (Vas Med), lateralis (Vas Lat) and intermedius (Vas Int).

Figure 6