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Are Subject-Specific Musculoskeletal Models Robust to the Uncertainties in Parameter Identification?

Figure 1

Workflow of subject-specific musculoskeletal modeling.

The modeling software systems were applied to study the sensitivity of model predictions to the uncertainties in parameter identification. Lower-body MRI and gait analysis data were acquired for a healthy subject. NMSBuilder was used to create the baseline subject-specific model leveraging OpenSim. The Probabilistic Musculoskeletal Modeling module (PMM) was used to create probabilistic simulations of gait through a Monte-Carlo analysis, by interfacing Matlab and OpenSim. The input variables were perturbed according to their uncertainties, and the corresponding OpenSim models were created that included the different sets of perturbed variables. Using each model and the recorded gait analysis data, simulations of gait were run to calculate the stochastic output variables.

Figure 1