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Formal Comment to Gong et al.: Ecosystem Scale Acoustic Sensing Reveals Humpback Whale Behavior Synchronous with Herring Spawning Processes and Re-Evaluation Finds No Effect of Sonar on Humpback Song Occurrence in the Gulf of Maine in Fall 2006

Figure 1

Sightings of baleen whales in the Gulf of Maine during right whale aerial surveys conducted by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) during September 15 to October 17, for years: 1998, 2002–2008 and 2010.

FIWH = fin whale, HUWH = humpback whale, MIWH = minke whale, RIWH = right whale, SEWH = sei whale, UNFS = unidentified fin or sei whale, UNLW = unidenitified large whale.

Figure 1