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visPIG - A Web Tool for Producing Multi-Region, Multi-Track, Multi-Scale Plots of Genetic Data

Figure 2

Hi-C interactomes of 3q26.2 and 8q24.21, using data from [15].

This figure shows the same two regions as Figure 1, 3q26.2 and 8q24.21. The data tracks plotted are the significant 3 kb Hi-C interactions (determined from 3 CRC cell-lines, LS174T, LoVo, Colo205), displayed as arches this time, as well as the corresponding, un-normalised Hi-C reads from the LS174T cell-line as a heat map. Also shown are some manual annotations to highlight the LD block within which one end of the significant interactions have to lie to be plotted, as well as the top CRC risk associated SNP in the LD block, rs6983267.

Figure 2