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visPIG - A Web Tool for Producing Multi-Region, Multi-Track, Multi-Scale Plots of Genetic Data

Figure 1

Annotated CRC GWAS p-values for 3q26.2 and 8q24.21, using data from [14] and [15].

The data tracks plotted across the two regions, 3q26.2 and 8q24.21, are a. association trend test p-values from a CRC GWAS as a colour intensity track, b. significant Hi-C interactions (3 kb resolution; determined from Hi-C experiments on 3 CRC cell-lines, LS174T, LoVo and Colo205), c. ChromHMM functional annotation, d. CRC GWAS trend test association p-values as a SNAP plot (with SNP type (imputed/typed), values and recombination rate). The figure includes a title, gene tracks for both scales and a legend.

Figure 1