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Tail Biting in Pigs: Blood Serotonin and Fearfulness as Pieces of the Puzzle?

Figure 3

Factor scores of barren housed pigs classified as biters, victims, biter/victims or neutrals with respect to tail biting post-weaning.

Behavioural and physiological responses of pigs to novelty (pre- and post-weaning) were summarized in five factors using a PCA. Factor scores are presented per type of pig, i.e. tail biter, victim (with tail wound), both tail biter and victim (biter/victim), or pigs that were neither tail biter or victim (neutral). A: Phase 1 post-weaning. B: Phase 2 post-weaning. C: Phase 3 post-weaning. +P<0.10, *P<0.05. Pig types lacking a common letter differ significantly (a/b) or tend to do so (x/y/z).

Figure 3