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Archaeological Evidence for Peach (Prunus persica) Cultivation and Domestication in China

Figure 6

Box plots of peach stone size (L×W×Ds) and ratios of L, W, and Ds.

The plots illustrate an overall trend to the ratios diverging from 1∶1 through time and of approximate stone volume increasing through time. The top, bottom and line through the middle of the box correspond to the 75th percentile (top quartile), 25th percentile (bottom quartile) and 50th percentile (median) respectively. The whiskers on the bottom extend from the 10th percentile (bottom decile) and top 90th percentile (top decile). Means are joined. The circles are a graphic representation of Student's t-test results. The concentric circles indicate that the means are not significantly different. The Liangzhu culture plot is a combination of the Maoshan (n = 99) and Bianjiashan (n = 23) measurements.

Figure 6