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Cheburator Software for Automatically Calculating Drug Inhibitory Concentrations from In Vitro Screening Assays

Figure 3

The built-in converter for.csv files.

The line containing the data from the first row of the plate is selected in the picture. Other rows have to follow immediately after the first row. All rows before and after the plate data will be discarded. Each row is then divided into separate values using the delimiter specified in the combo box below (semicolon is the default, but other delimiters are also supported). Since each row could contain more values than the number of wells, the user also has to specify in the edit box below which value in the row will be treated as the optical density value for the first well. Data for the subsequent wells have to follow immediately after, separated by delimiters. Note that the user can use a period or comma as the decimal separator for data files. Cheburator will automatically convert all decimal separators into periods, which are the default.

Figure 3