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Quantification of Methylated Selenium, Sulfur, and Arsenic in the Environment

Figure 5

Chromatograms of trapping liquid- and surface water samples collected at Gola di Lago.

(A) Stacked chromatogram of the gas trapping liquid sample 1 from Gola di Lago for Se (top), S (middle), and As (bottom) and (B) Stacked chromatogram of the surface water sample 1 from Gola di Lago for Se (top), S (middle), and As (bottom). Chromatograms for blanks are indicated by dashed lines. All chromatograms are five-point moving averages, and the identified compounds and their molar concentrations (on an elemental basis) are indicated at the corresponding peaks. Details of both methods are given in Table S3 in Supporting Information File S1.

Figure 5