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Plasma Membrane Proteomics of Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines Identifies Potential Targets for Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Figure 2

Western blots illustrate the purification of plasma membrane proteins using an aqueous two-phase system.

SK-BR-3 plasma membranes were isolated, and the input (IN), crude nuclear pellet (CNP) which also contained unlysed whole cells, cytosol (CYT), total cellular membranes (TM) which included nuclear, mitochondrial, endoplasmic reticular, and plasma membranes, and purified plasma membranes (PM) were subjected to Western blot analysis. ErbB2 is plasma membrane based, prohibitin is anchored in mitochondrial membranes, lamin A/C is found in nuclear membranes, and calnexin is an endoplasmic reticulum protein. All lanes were loaded at 10 µg protein/lane.

Figure 2