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eulerAPE: Drawing Area-Proportional 3-Venn Diagrams Using Ellipses

Figure 3

Diagrams generated by various drawing methods for the same medical data from a journal article.

All the diagrams are meant to depict ω = {A = 0.25, B = 0.01, C = 0.11, AB = 0.10, AC = 0.29, BC = 0.03, ABC = 0.15}, which represents the findings of a medical survey from a journal article [37] that also included diagram D for ω. The diagrams generated for ω using circle-based drawing methods are marked as C, those of polygon-based methods are marked as P, and the only diagram with ellipses, that by eulerAPE, is E. Green indicates accurate diagrams with diagError ≤10−6. Red indicates diagrams with inaccurate or missing regions. D is a redrawing of Figure 5 (bottom) in [37], previously published under a CC BY license.

Figure 3