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The Metagenomic Telescope

Figure 3

Identification of a novel dUTPase-like protein in the mouse proteome using the Metagenomic Telescope.

Panel A shows an alignment (created by ClustalW) between the mouse dUTPase sequence (cyan) and the novel hit associated with the Uniprot accession number Q3TL09 (purple color indicates the part of this latter sequence that could be modeled in 3D using SwissModel or MUSTER). The conserved dUTPase motifs are shown in yellow. Panel B illustrates the structural alignment between human dUTPase (cyan) and the Q3TL09 modeled structure (purple) (at the subunit level). Panel C shows one of the models for Q3TL09 created by MUSTER software (purple), in this case the trimeric structure characteristic of dUTPases is shown (monomers are in shades of blue: cyan, royal blue and grayish blue). Protein structural models are shown in ribbon diagrams (PyMol).

Figure 3