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Fluorescence2D: Software for Accelerated Acquisition and Analysis of Two-Dimensional Fluorescence Spectra

Figure 4

Two-dimensional spectra of H-Ras in the complex with mant-GDP.

(Panel A) The 2D spectrum of the buffer solution (without baseline subtraction) is shown contoured between 0 and 10% of total intensity (blue to red). The first order reflection, 1; the second order reflection, 2; Raman scattering, 3. The black solid line separates the lower area with experimental data from the upper area added to make the dataset rectangular for visualization. (Panel B) The 2D spectrum of H-Ras in the complex with mant-GDP. The spectrum of the buffer solution (from Panel A) was subtracted as a baseline; the resulting graph was contoured from 3 to 13% of total intensity scale. Tyrosine fluorescence, 4; its second order reflection, 5; mant-GDP emission, 6 and 7. Spectra in both panels were “zoomed in” using interactive MATLAB graphics tools. The original and processed experimental data along with the corresponding fluorescence2Dmain.m script are included with the Fluorescence2D package in the sample_data/folder.

Figure 4