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Effects of Different Tissue Microenvironments on Gene Expression in Breast Cancer Cells

Figure 2

K-means grouping of gene expression fold changes during adaptation of N202 cells to brain tissue.

Genes were grouped according to expression profiles over time using k-means and assuming 25 groups (i.e. N = 25). The central black line in each frame represents no change, i.e. 1-fold changes, and the gray lines represent 4-fold increases or decreases, relative to the parental cell line. Horizontally, the five positions along the x-axis represent sequential in vivo passages, P0 (i.e. parental cells), P1, P2, P3, P4, and gene expression analysis was performed on cells expanded in vitro from each of these passages. We then explored how GO Biological Process Terms distributed among these 25 groups.

Figure 2