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The HIVToolbox 2 Web System Integrates Sequence, Structure, Function and Mutation Analysis

Figure 1

Sequence display and log windows.

A. The Sequence window shows the sequence of the selected proteins with fonts colored by domain. Highlighted residues are for functional sites shown in the Color Key/Log window (B), which has hyperlinked entries. The PDB structure identifier is also shown here. Colored thick lines above the sequence show the residue mapping of different PDB structures onto the sequence. These can be selected to load different structures. A checkbox at the bottom enables display of individual chains. Figures under the sequence are for predicted or known minimotifs, which can be selected to display in a Structure window. The DxTVxE minimotif is selected and colored purple here. All hyperlinked information about each minimotif is shown in the Motif Key/Log window tab (C).

Figure 1