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An Integrated Map of HIV-Human Protein Complexes that Facilitate Viral Infection

Figure 5

Selected complexes and RNAi screening results.

(A) Profilin-1 complex interacting with GP160. (B) DNA-PK-Ku-eIF2-NF90-NF20 complex interacting with NC. (C) LARC complex interacting with Gag. Interactions within the complex represent functional interactions from HumanNet (green), manually curated interactions from the Metabase resource (gray) or from both sources (red). Pink vs. turquoise stars correspond to proteins that were confirmed in our RNAi validation screen vs. previous screens, respectively. Orange nodes are kinases, red transcription factors, blue are binding proteins as classified in Metabase. The bar plots show the HIV luciferase activity of the sample normalized by the HIV luciferase activity of control siRNAs. (D) HIV luciferase activity for three non-targeting siRNAs (positive controls) and luciferase-targeting siGL3 (negative control) performed simultaneously with siRNA transfections shown in A, B, and C.

Figure 5