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Widespread Occurrence of Expressed Fungal Secretory Peroxidases in Forest Soils

Figure 2

Alignment of class II peroxidase full length reference protein sequences (red) and a selection of partial protein sequences found in this study, representing different clades of the calculated phylogenetic tree.

Three acidic amino acid residues marked red in P. chrysosporium MnP1 (AAA33744) and B. adusta VP (AAO47909) are crucial for Mn2+ oxidation, and the tryptophan residue marked green in P. chrysosporium LiPH8 (AAA53109) and B. adusta VP is responsible for oxidation of phenolic compounds. Coprinopsis cinerea GP (CAA50060) does not include these catalytic residues. Red and green arrows mark the catalytically important sites within the amplified sequences.

Figure 2