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Cytokine Induction of VCAM-1 but Not IL13Rα2 on Glioma Cells: A Tale of Two Antibodies

Figure 6

Evaluation of additional commercially available B-D13 antibodies.

(A) PBT008 cells that had been cultured overnight in media alone (black histogram) versus cytokine (TNF; red histogram) conditions, (B) Parental 293T cells or 293T cells engineered to express either VCAM-1 or IL13Rα2, and (C) U251T cells were stained with VCAM-1-PE, AF146 or various B-D13 reagents – two lots of PE-conjugated B-D13 antibody (B-D13-PE; Cell Sciences) and two to three unconjugated B-D13 antibodies (B-D13-unc) purchased from either Cell Sciences (Cell Sci), Abcam or Santa Cruz as indicated. (B, C) Black histograms represent staining with istoype control antibody or SA-PE alone.

Figure 6