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Comparative Analyses of Three Chlorella Species in Response to Light and Sugar Reveal Distinctive Lipid Accumulation Patterns in the Microalga C. sorokiniana

Figure 3

Distribution of total lipid extracts as fatty acids and TAG in three Chlorella strains.

(A) C. sorokiniana UTEX 1230 exhibits more prominent chlorosis during heterotrophy than UTEX 265 and 411, which is readily apparent in the pigmentation of total lipid extracts (in color online). (B) Total lipids (white) in C. protothecoides UTEX 411, C. vulgaris UTEX 265, and C. sorokiniana UTEX 1230 are classified as FAME (gray) and TAG storage lipids (black). By comparing these values, the relative amounts of supposed accessory metabolites [*] and membrane lipids [+] emerge, while UTEX 1230 appears to be devoid of accessory pigmentation with minimal membrane lipids [×]. Error bars represent one standard deviation from the average of three technical replicates.

Figure 3