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Comparative Analyses of Three Chlorella Species in Response to Light and Sugar Reveal Distinctive Lipid Accumulation Patterns in the Microalga C. sorokiniana

Figure 2

Growth curves and volumetric biomass yields of C. protothecoides, C. vulgaris, and C. sorokiniana.

(A) Photoautotrophic (□) and heterotrophic (▪) cultures were followed over the course of four weeks or until the population reached stationary phase. Data points are representative of biological replicates and error bars denote standard deviations greater than 1×106 cells ml−1. (B) C. protothecoides, C. vulgaris, and C. sorokiniana final biomass concentrations in 1.5-L culture during auto– (white) and heterotrophy (gray) are compared. Error bars designate standard deviation from the average of three technical replicates.

Figure 2