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Identification and Characterization of a Ste20-Like Kinase in Artemia and Its Role in the Developmental Regulation and Resistance to Environmental Stress

Figure 7

The effects of knockdown of the ArSLK gene on nauplius stress tolerance.

(A) Real-time PCR analysis of relative amounts of ArSLK mRNA in Artemia adults treated with GFP-specific or ArSLK-specific RNAi. The mRNA amounts were normalized to those of tubulin mRNA. (B) Immunoblot analysis of ArSLK protein in the two RNAi-treated groups. Tubulin was used as a loading control. (C–E) The rates curves of free-swimming nauplius larvae after 42°C heat shock (C), acidic pH stress (D), and UV irradiation (E). (F) The median free-swimming times of nauplius larvae from RNAi-treated adults under three mentioned stresses were exhibited by histograms. Data are represented as mean + SE of n = 3 independent repeats. Statistical analyses of the differences between the GFP-RNAi and ArSLK-RNAi groups were performed by two-tailed, paired Student's t tests. ** P<0.01.

Figure 7