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Giants, Dwarfs and the Environment – Metamorphic Trait Plasticity in the Common Frog

Figure 4

Emigration patterns of Rana temporaria metamorphs.

Linear regression models describing R. temporaria metamorphic mass in relation to development time for the individual ponds were fitted in three approaches: first, all metamorphs irrespective of their emigration pond, resulting in an average regression for the studied population [blue line, log(mass) ∼ −0.83650 + (−0.01697× development-time) + (0.00008× development-time2)]. Second, regressions were calculated for each pond independently (red line, for exact description for regression parameters see Table S5). Finally, best linear mixed model according to model selection was used describing metamorphic mass over development time with the assessed environmental parameters (green line: log(mass) ∼ structuring-vegetation × development-time + inflow × development-time2, ‘pond’ was used as random factor (see Table 2).

Figure 4