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Nonstructural Protein NS4 of Rice Stripe Virus Plays a Critical Role in Viral Spread in the Body of Vector Insects

Figure 8

RNAi induced by dsNS4 suppressed the formation of NS4-specific inclusions without significant effect on RSV replication in VCMs.

Twenty-four hours after transfection with dsGFP (A) or dsNS4 (B), VCMs were inoculated with RSV. Five days after viral inoculation, VCMs were labeled with NS4-FITC (green) and RNP-rhodamine (red). Images are representative of multiple experiments with multiple preparations. Bars, 10 µm. (C) Western blot analysis showed that the expression of NS4 but not RNPs of RSV was inhibited by RNAi induced by dsNS4 in virus-infected VCMs. Protein extracts from VCMs receiving dsRNAs were separated by SDS-PAGE to detect RNPs or NS4 with RNP- or NS4-specific antibodies, respectively. Insect actin was detected with actin-specific antibodies as a control.

Figure 8