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Exploratory Study on Th1 Epitope-Induced Protective Immunity against Coxiella burnetii Infection

Figure 3

Immunoprotection against C. burnetii induced by the adoptive transfer of Coxiella-specific CD4+ T cells.

CD4+ T cells from C. burnetii WCA-immunized mice were transferred to groups of six naïve mice, and each mouse was challenged with C. burnetii 24 h post-transfer. On day 7 after challenge, the mice were sacrificed and their spleens were harvested for the detection of C. burnetii DNA by Qpcr (A) and measurement of spleen weights (B). Data are expressed as the mean of 6 mice, and error bars indicate the standard deviation. Compared with the negative control; *P<0.05.

Figure 3