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Cadherin-23 May Be Dynamic in Hair Bundles of the Model Sea Anemone Nematostella vectensis

Figure 2

Effects of CDH23 antibodies on morphology and abundance of hair bundles.

Morphology was assayed by measuring diameter of hair bundles at their bases (b) and tips (t) and then determining the tip/base ratio for each hair bundle. Hair bundle abundance was measured by the number of hair bundles at the tip of tentacles in a field of view (∼260 µm of tentacle length). (A) The mean tip/base ratio (±SEM, n = 8) is plotted for hair bundles imaged in untreated, healthy controls (closed squares) and in animals exposed to 0.1 nM CDH23 antibodies (open circles). Insets show images of an extremely splayed hair bundle (top) and a normal hair bundle (bottom). Scale bar = 2 µm. (B) The mean abundance of hair bundles (±SEM, n = 3) on the tentacle epithelium is plotted for untreated, healthy controls (closed squares) and for animals exposed to 0.1 nM CDH23 antibody (open circles). Asterisks indicate significant differences based on time-adjusted pairwise comparisons between controls and experimentals (p<0.05).

Figure 2