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AHaH Computing–From Metastable Switches to Attractors to Machine Learning

Figure 16

Classification benchmarks results.

A) Reuters-21578. Using the top ten most frequent labels associated with the news articles in the Reuters-21578 data set, the AHaH classifier’s accuracy, precision, recall, and F1 score was determined as a function of its confidence threshold. As the confidence threshold increases, the precision increases while recall drops. An optimal confidence threshold can be chosen depending on the desired results and can be dynamically changed. The peak F1 score is 0.92. B) Census Income. The peak F1 score is 0.853 C) Breast Cancer. The peak F1 score is 0.997. D) Breast Cancer repeated but using the circuit model rather than the functional model. The peak F1 score and the shape of the curves are similar to functional model results. E) MNIST. The peak F1 score is 0.98–.99, depending on the resolution of the spike encoding. F) The individual F1 classification scores of the hand written digits.

Figure 16