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QuantWorm: A Comprehensive Software Package for Caenorhabditis elegans Phenotypic Assays

Figure 5

Phenotypes of Gαq pathway mutants.

(A) Survival curves. The results are from two independent experiments. At least triplicate wells were used (n >180 worms for each strain). (B) Mean lifespan. (C) Worm speed measured as the sum of average worm velocities in individual videos divided by the number of videos. With food: For each strain, videos (n ≥ 10 videos) collected from four independent experiments were analyzed. Without food: For each strain, videos (n ≥ 5 videos) collected from three independent experiments were analyzed. (D) Distribution of individual average speeds of detected tracks (n ≥ 487 tracks for each strain) with food (Day 1∼3 of adulthood). (E) Body length. Worms at 1 day of adulthood were used (n ≥ 113 for each strain). (F). Egg laying rate. Worms at 28 hr of adulthood were used. Shown is a combined result from two independent experiments with ∼10 hermaphrodites per well (n ≥ 12 wells for each strain). *p<0.01; **p<0.05; ***p<0.001; p-value by log rank test (Figure B) and t-test (Figure C, E, and F).

Figure 5