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QuantWorm: A Comprehensive Software Package for Caenorhabditis elegans Phenotypic Assays

Figure 3

Performance of QuantWorm.

(A) WormLifespan. Moving worms were manually counted by aspirating individual worms from a well under a basic light microscope after images were captured (n = 26 wells). (B) WormLocomotion. Worm simulation videos were created and then analyzed by the WormLocomotion software (n = 11 videos). (C) WormLength. In the manual method, worm length was manually measured from images using an Adobe Photoshop length measurement tool (n = 46 worms). (D) WormEgg. In the manual method, eggs were manually counted by aspirating eggs from a well after images were taken (n = 42 wells). The diagonal line represents the ideal case where the computer measurements equal the manual measurements.

Figure 3