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A Prognostic Gene Signature for Metastasis-Free Survival of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patients

Figure 4

The BPMS is prognostic for metastasis-free survival (MFS).

Patients from three breast cancer datasets, (A) BrCa871 (35 BPMS+ out of 871 patients), (B) BrCa443 (24 BPMS+ out of 443 patients) and (C) BrCa341 (6 BPMS+ out of 341 patients), were stratified for MFS using the BPMS. BrCa871 is shown with no year-specific clinical endpoint to reflect the training data. Red indicates patient tumors that express the BPMS signature while black indicates patient tumors that do not. Survival curves were generated by Kaplan–Meier analysis, and the indicated P-values were calculated by the log-rank test.

Figure 4