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Bringing Dicynodonts Back to Life: Paleobiology and Anatomy of a New Emydopoid Genus from the Upper Permian of Mozambique

Figure 3

Niassodon mfumukasi 3D rendering, after segmentation of individual bones according to bone color code .(see methods section).

Ventral (A); dorsal (B); skull in ventral (C); posterior (D); lateral right (E); lateral left (F) views. dv, dorsal vertebrae; fe, femur; fm, foramen magnum; o, orbit; m, mandible; pg, pelvic girdle; pif, pineal foramen; ptf, post temporal fenestra; r, ribs; sco, sclerotic ossicles; st, stapes; sv, sacral vertebrae; tf, temporal fenestra.

Figure 3