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Tumor-Specific Chromosome Mis-Segregation Controls Cancer Plasticity by Maintaining Tumor Heterogeneity

Figure 2

Equilibrium of heterogeneity in cells with Chr7-CNV in established glioma cell lines and their clonal subcultures.

A–B, percentage of cells with Chr7-CNV in glioma cell lines, and their SA and NS subcultures from single (e.g. 1, 2) or mixed (mix) soft-agar colonies, respectively. Whole chromosome numbers (WCN) ranging near the mode were found in >50% of cells in each glioma cell line. D, FISH pictures showing normal (n) and derivative (d) Chr7 and the unknown (?) chromosome carrying a translocated EGFR from a representative metaphase cell for each cell line. The chromosome is shown by DAPI (blue), centromere and EGFR are shown by FISH probes for CEP7 (green) and EGFR (red).

Figure 2