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Alcohol Interacts with Genetic Alteration of the Hippo Tumor Suppressor Pathway to Modulate Tissue Growth in Drosophila

Figure 4

Model for alcohol interaction with the Hippo Pathway.

As established, when Hippo signaling is intact (A), Yki is properly regulated and tissues maintain proper growth control. We propose that alcohol promotes activation of the pathway at or upstream of Hippo to target alcohol-relevant growth-promoting activities (B) to maintain proper growth control upon alcohol exposure. When Hippo signaling is impaired (C), Yki becomes overactive and promotes tissue overgrowth. We propose that when Hippo signaling is impaired in the presence of alcohol (D), Yki acts to promote overgrowth as established, and additional alcohol-relevant targets of the pathway act to promote further overgrowth.

Figure 4