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Proteomic Changes during B Cell Maturation: 2D-DIGE Approach

Figure 5

Differences in proteome profiles between IM-B and early pre-B cell stages.

Early pre-B 380 and IM-B Ramos (120 h time point) proteome samples were labelled with Cy5 and Cy3 dyes, respectively, and separated in a 2D-DIGE gel (nonlinear pH gradient 3–10) with internal standard sample labelled with Cy2 dye. Triple image overlay shows proteins highly expressed in Ramos (red) and 380 (green) samples in relative to internal standard sample (blue). Protein identities are indicated for those proteins with major changes in expression profile. IgM chains, ER and membrane bound vesicle proteins were highly expressed in Ramos cells, whereas cytoskeleton and immunity related proteins were expressed in 380 cells.

Figure 5