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SCD1 Expression Is Dispensable for Hepatocarcinogenesis Induced by AKT and Ras Oncogenes in Mice

Figure 6

Lipid profiles of AKT/Ras cells transfected with scramble siRNA, SCD1 siRNA, SCD2 siRNA or SCD1 plus SCD2 siRNA.

(A) Total Cholesterol ester (CE), (B) major fatty acids composition of Cholesterol ester, (C) Total Triglycerides (TG), and (D) major fatty acids composition of Triglycerides. Tukey-Kramer test: P < 0.005 a, vs. control (untreated cells); b, vs. scramble siRNA; c, vs. SCD1 siRNA; d, vs. SCD2 siRNA. Results 24 hours after silencing are shown. Experiments in vitro were conducted at least three times in triplicate.

Figure 6