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Possible Role of Intestinal Fatty Acid Oxidation in the Eating-Inhibitory Effect of the PPAR-α Agonist Wy-14643 in High-Fat Diet Fed Rats

Figure 1

Effect of intraperitoneally (IP) injected Wy-14643 on food intake.

(A) IP injected Wy-14643 (10, 20, 40 or 80 mg/kg/ml) dose-dependently reduced cumulative food intake (FI) in ad libitum HFD-fed rats (n=23). * Less than vehicle (P < 0.05), ** less than vehicle (P < 0.01), Mann-Whitney U test. (B) IP administered Wy-14643 (40 mg/kg/ml, n=10) did not reduce saccharin solution intake (% of total fluid intake) vs. water in a two-bottle preference test, whereas LiCl (60 mg/kg in 9.4 ml/kg H2O, n = 3) did. The height of each bar represents the median and the top and bottom of each bar shows 75th and 25th percentile respectively. * Significantly different from vehicle (P = 0.05).

Figure 1