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Acute Stress Alters Amygdala microRNA miR-135a and miR-124 Expression: Inferences for Corticosteroid Dependent Stress Response

Figure 5

Acute stress increases MR protein levels in amygdala.

(A) Steady state MR protein levels were measured by western blot analysis immediately after 2 hours of restraint. Lysates were obtained from pooled amygdala nuclei (n=4), 5 pools were generated from naive (n=20) and restrained mice (n=20). MR expression was normalized to actin signals in the same blot. Quantitative values are shown as mean ± SE *P < 0.05 (pairwise Student’s t-test). (B) qRT-PCR analysis of Nr3c2 transcript levels in naive and stressed mice (n=12 for both groups). Data are presented as mean ± SE. Ex 6-7 and exs 8-9 refer to the amplicons studied, corresponding to exons 6 and 7 (exs 6-7), and to exons 8 and 9 (exs 8-9) of the Nr3c2 coding sequence.

Figure 5