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PhagoSight: An Open-Source MATLAB® Package for the Analysis of Fluorescent Neutrophil and Macrophage Migration in a Zebrafish Model

Figure 7

Comparison of automatic tracks against the gold standard.

A synthetic data set is shown in (a) whilst (b,c) are real data sets. In (a,c) the thresholds are 140% of the automatically detected values, while for (b) they are 60% of the detected values. The automatic tracks are displayed as thick solid lines and the gold standard as thin dashed lines, and one slice of the intensity data sets is presented with the tracks. In the real data set, the high thresholds prevented the low intensity neutrophils from being detected (solid arrows) and therefore no tracks were generated for these neutrophils with corresponding high DGA. With lower thresholds, the faint neutrophils were detected, and other neutrophils were also tracked (dashed arrow), this track could have been generated by noise or could have been missed during the manual tracking. It should be noticed that where PhagoSight detected the neutrophils, the tracks are very close to the gold standard.

Figure 7