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PhagoSight: An Open-Source MATLAB® Package for the Analysis of Fluorescent Neutrophil and Macrophage Migration in a Zebrafish Model

Figure 5

Description of the synthetic data sets.

(a) One slice at t = 26 and the paths of six neutrophils shown as coloured lines. Vertical axis indicates time. (b) Five histograms for background (noise) and neutrophils (signal) for different levels of noise. The separability is indicated by the Bhattacharyya Distance (BD) values: highest BD corresponds to more separable classes (solid lines with no markers) and lowest BD corresponds to less separable classes (solid lines with circle markers). (c) One slice (BD = 1.61, SNR = 25.2 dB) shown as a mesh, intensity corresponds to the vertical axis. (d) One slice (BD = 0.45, SNR = 10.7 dB). The noise can be easily compared between the two data sets.

Figure 5