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Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Inhibition Improves Proliferation and Engraftment of Myogenic Cells in Dystrophic Muscle of mdx Mice

Figure 6

Inhibition of MMP-9 improves engraftment of transplanted cells in skeletal muscle of mdx mice.

After 24 h of cardiotoxin injection, TA muscle of mdx;Mmp9+/+ and mdx;Mmp9+/− were injected with 5×105 myoblasts that were prepared from mTmG mice. After 28 days, TA muscle was isolated and engraftment of transplanted myoblasts into dystrophic muscle was analyzed directly or by staining with dystrophin antibody. (A) Representative images show mT protein florescence (top panel) and dystrophin (lower panel) in TA muscle section of mdx;Mmp9+/+ and mdx;Mmp9+/− mice. Scale bar: 50 µm. (B) Quantification of the extent of myoblast engraftment. Average number of engrafted myofibers per cluster (area where implanted myoblasts are stained positive) is reported. N = 8 in each group. Error bars represent SD. *p<0.05 values significantly different from mdx;Mmp9+/+ mice.

Figure 6