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Rapid Global Fitting of Large Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy Datasets

Figure 3

Global analysis of an IPA-3 dose-response dataset modulating the interaction between Rac1 and Pak1.

Global analysis was applied to a multiwell plate dose-response dataset showing the effect of the inhibitor IPA-3 on interaction between Rac1 and Pak1 using an mTurquoise variant of the FLAIR biosensor in COS-7 cells stimulated with EGF. A) representative images from each inhibitor concentration showing distribution of fraction undergoing FRET. B) examples of automatic image segmentation with (left) donor intensity and (right) acceptor images shown in grey-scale with coloured segmented cell regions overlaid. C) plot of fraction of donor molecules undergoing FRET against IPA-3 concentration, averaged across segmented cells with fitted dose-response curve. Error bars indicate 95% confidence intervals on average FRET fraction over segmented cells at each dose. White scale bar represents 100 µm.

Figure 3