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TCW: Transcriptome Computational Workbench

Figure 3

The viewSingleTCW interface.

This shows the main table, where the filter was set to show all sequences where tip is differentially expressed compared to root and stem using a 1E-10 cutoff. The columns are: Root, Stem and Tip are the RPKM values; TiRo and TiSt are DE p-values between tip-root and tip-stem, respectively; BestAnno (AN) is the best annotation for the sequence (i.e. not containing phrases such as “uncharacterized protein”); and the last four columns are the BestAnno description, BLAST e-value, the DB type (‘tr’ = TrEMBL, ‘sp’ = Swiss-Prot, ‘TF’ = plantTFDB), and the taxonomic type (all these best hits are from plants).

Figure 3