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Osteology of Huabeisaurus allocotus (Sauropoda: Titanosauriformes) from the Upper Cretaceous of China

Figure 20

Holotypic pubes and ischia of H. allocotus (HBV-20001) from the Upper Cretaceous of Shanxi, China.

Left pubis in (A) medial view. Right pubis and ischium in (B) lateral view (only loosely articulated to depict their size relative to one another). Articulated ischia in (C) posterodorsal view. Outlines below ischia indicate articulated view of distal ends. (A and the ischium in B) photographed in 2012; (C and the pubis in B) photographed during original preparation. Abbreviations: acet, acetabulum; tu, tuberosity. Dashed lines indicate broken bone margins.

Figure 20